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Instant Support

Declix Instant Support 
is a helpdesk for all. We want people to be autonomous with their online life. That is how we developed the easiest and most accessible IT Support Platform in the world.


Corporate Services

Declix Instant Assistant 
Is an online customer support application with online chat, video, audio and screen sharing. It is currently developed and offered in a SaaS Business model. In just 1 click your client is connected to you.


Instant Training

Declix Instant Training 
is a free training portal. We want people to gain in autonomy. Learn, not forget and know where to find the answers. We create tutorials or videos on any subject to help individuals gain in autonomy.


Declix is an online customer support application and service.

Our objective is to help people with their online life. We want everyone to be digitally autonomous. Unique Selling Point. It is instantaneous, no registrations, no downloads. In just 1 click through the web browser you are connected live to an assistant. 
To reach our goal we offer 3 different services: one for individuals, another for companies and the third one is a free training portal. 

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