Customised Training

Choose what you want to learn. Our courses are à la carte. There is neither commitment nor fixed term. Whether you need full training or one-time training, we are at your disposal.

Whether you want to schedule an hour or want ad hoc training, we are at your disposal.

No desire to learn is ridiculous, no matter how simple or complex.

Our team, both human and competent, will adapt to your needs.

Whether you are an individual…

  •  Make online purchases
  • Use WhatsApp, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.
  • Manage your passwords
  • Make photo albums, videos, Videoconferences
  • Save and protect your data
  • Change devices (computer, printer, laptop, TV, Tablet…)
  • Manage your music
  • Use the Office suite (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, …)
  • Make your declarations online
  • Etc…

Whether you are a professional…

  • Make a website with wordpress
  • Create Newsletters, manage social networks
  • Email management, hosting,
  • Security management
  • Installation of a Home office, or micro-Office
  • etc …