New IOS15 is finally available for iPhone 6S and later. It’s a software update that focuses on productivity, privacy and connectivity.

There are some great new features such as: focus, Safari interface, security on Icloud, using your camera to read text etc. But the big miss is “sharePlay”. We were looking forward to watching or listening to content with our friends through FaceTime and unfortunately Apple removed this feature in August. It seems that they need more time to prepare it.

Here are the main improvements over iOS 14 and together we will find out how to use them.


Despite the fact that “SharePlay” doesn’t come with the initial iOS15 release, FaceTime does have some nice updates. The main update is the ability to create a link to a FaceTime call that you can send to Windows and Android users.

They can join the call using the web browser.


FaceTime link

FaceTime link

There are also new audio features to help the phone better differentiate between the person speaking and background sounds.

Despite these new features, we do not believe that FaceTime will be able to replace Zoom. However, iOS 15 does make it much easier to use FaceTime for occasional calls with multiple participants.

Focus a new iOS exciting feature

This is an improved version of the “Do not disturb” function. The focus modes allow you to define which application or person can send you messages at specific times. The idea is always to limit sources of distraction or stimulation.

Focus allows you to avoid notifications during periods of concentration. This prevents distraction during periods of intense production. For example, during working hours, you may not want to receive Facebook notifications.

Conversely, during holiday periods, you may want to disconnect from your work. So Concentration allows you to have a “Time to Yourself” mode that turns off notifications from slack, work email… In short, all the notifications that could bring us back to work.



This is an effort by Apple to help us become more aware of the time we spend on our devices. It allows us to recognise that there are times when we want to be connected and others less so. This is a great feature of the new iOS15.

Live Text

Absolutely brilliant! Live Text allows you to point your camera at any handwritten or typed text and turn it into a copyable text. This allows you to make a phone number from a photo. Indeed Live Text works not only from the camera but also from the photos. Please note that this feature is not compatible with all devices. You can find a list of Live Text compatible devices here.

Safari in the new iOS15

There is one change that will impact all iPhone owners. It’s the Safari update. The browser is being redesigned across all Apple devices. This is the biggest visual change.

Safari iOS 15

Safari new iOS 15

safari bare URL

safari bar URL

At Declix, we love these changes. The default view is still one page, but this time the URL bar is placed at the bottom of the screen. This makes it easy to navigate from one open tab to another. If you prefer the old style you can easily go back to this configuration in your settings.


The new iOS 15 focuses on better privacy. Here are the settings to change immediately to take advantage of these improvements.

Blocking email trackers

Apple has a new mail privacy protection that prevents email senders from seeing your IP address and when you open your emails. This is important especially for marketing emails. However, the privacy protection is not enabled by default. So you need to go to :

  • Settings
  • Mail
  • Privacy protection
  • Make suite it is enabled. (green).

Hiding your IP address

Apple offers us the possibility of masking our IP address. This means that the websites we browse cannot turn an IP address into an ID. Indeed, this identifier would allow them to connect all our navigation.

So to hide the IP address, you have to go to :

Settings > Safari > Hide IP address, then activate the checkbox for trackers and websites.

traqueurs et sites web

trackers and websites

Find out what the applications do

Apple has added an application privacy report. To activate it, just click on :

Settings > Privacy >Register app activity.

Enregistrer l'activité des apps.

Register App activity.

This report will give you an overview of the sensors that applications have used on your device. So you will know which application has connected to your microphone, camera, photos, contacts,  during a 7 day period and how often.

Protecting your navigation

For those with an iCloud subscription, Apple offers its most advanced privacy options.

  • Apple offers iCloud Private Relay. A VPN-like service that routes your web traffic through multiple servers and thus preserves the privacy of your location. Your web traffic is routed in 2 directions. Therefore no one can know what you are looking at online, including Apple.

To activate Private Relay you need :

relais privé

private relay

Settings >iCloud >Private Relay to ensure that it is enabled.

Apple also offers for paying iCloud customers the option to “Hide my email address”. This means that for sites where you want to register without your personal data, Apple generates random email addresses.

Settings>iCloud > Hide my email address.

The best of the rest

The application has a new design and new animations.

Memojis are becoming even more personal. You can now dress them up.

Health app allows you to share your data with family members.

Spotlight has become more powerful with more detail when searching for contacts, movies, etc. You can also search for your own photos and applications.

Maps will be even more powerful with more detail and augmented reality.

Messages reorganises its photo uploads so that you can easily see them. For photos sent simultaneously.

Siri would be more secure than before. Because your audio never leaves your device.


iOS15 has many changes that we are looking forward to putting discovering. However, it’s not a complete makeover either, but simply an evolution towards more security, privacy and better management of your connected time.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, just click on Declix. The advice is free and we are here to help you with your online life.

If you want to learn how to use Apple Pay click on the link.


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