Let’s find out what’s new at Apple WWDC 2021. Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is an annual conference organised by Apple. Below we present the most important announcements.

FaceTime to get much better

Now you can use FaceTime with your friends on Android. This will be possible thanks to the support of FaceTime on the web. Your friends will be able to access the call via links. It will also allow you to schedule invitations.

You can also organise visionary and/or listening parties with your friends. You can also share your screen to surf the web together.

There will also be new audio features to help you hear better. Apple offers its own version of “Surround Sound”

In the US, your iPhone could soon be used as an ID

In collaboration with some airports, Apple is working to enable the iPhone to store confidential information such as driving licences and identification. Simply scan the information and it will be encrypted and stored on your device.

Improving privacy

By default, Apple will hide your IP address in Safari and Apple Mail. In addition, there will be the option to block tracking pixels.

In addition, similar privacy controls will be available to Apple users who subscribe to the premium version of iCloud (iCloud +). This will allow them to hide their destination and location in their browser. Apple achieves this protection by routing encrypted web traffic through two separate internet relays.

Siri will also become more secure by doing most of the audio processing directly on the device. So your data stays on your phone.

The next MacOS: Monterey

The goal of this next version is synergy between devices. Monterey will bring ultra-simple multi-monitor setups through “universal control”. This new feature will allow users to place their iPad next to a Mac to make it a second monitor. The keyboard and mouse will also work on both devices.

AirPlay to mac

iOs 15 and macOS Monterey will allow you to use AirPlay to stream audio or video content from your phone or iPad to your Mac or MacBook. It’s not a huge change but it will be very useful.

Apple will use artificial intelligence to read the text in your photos

This will be terribly useful for recognising a phone number and immediately clicking on it, or translating text in images or simply transcribing it. Apple says it uses the intelligence of the device for this function.

New safari design, smart home, and more discovered at WWDC 2021

Here is some more information announced by Apple that will make it easier to use your Apple devices:

  • Apple redesigns Safari with a new look for tabs and tab groups.
  • Siri will now be available on third-party home devices.
  • You can share your health information with other members of your family.
  • The SmartWatch 8 will have new Health features.
  • The sound of AirPods Pro and AirPods Max will be easier to hear thanks to the “conversation boost” mode. This feature will allow you to hear conversations more clearly and eliminate ambient noise.
  • you can use your iPhone as a key.
  • Unfortunately there will be no new MacBook Pro with the powerful M2 processor.

Here is a small summary of all the new products presented at Apple WWDC 2021, we have certainly forgotten some of them. However, we will be able to discover them in detail when we test the new products.

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