In this tutorial today, we will discover how to convert into pdf. What we will see in the first step is how to convert a Word file into a pdf.  Then in a second step, we will discover how to convert many other documents to pdf.

Save a document

To begin with we will:

  • Open or write a Word document.
document word

document word

  • Save this document to its folders. In this case, we will save it on the desktop.
    • Write the document.
    • To save the document, click on “File” and then “Save”.


A new window will open in which you will have to: give the file a name.

donner un nom au fichier

give the file a name

Choose the location of the save. Here it is the desktop.

emplacement sauvegarde

save location

Finally, simply click on save. This way your document is saved where you want it.



In what format are the documents saved?

When you save a document you have created, it will be saved by default in the format of the software you have used. For example, if you create a document in Word, by default it will be saved as .docx.
If you save a document in PowerPoint, it will be in .pptx, in Excel in .xlsx. Whatever the software, Office, Open Source, the Adobe suite, these save by default in the format of the program. These formats allow you to modify the document and work on it.

Why convert to pdf?

To understand pdf, it is a file format that allows you to preserve the characteristics of a document. Basically, this means that once a file is saved as a pdf you cannot change it.

How to convert into pdf?

To convert into pdf, simply open your document. The document can be in word, powerpoint, Excel, Open Source, whatever.

Here we will see how to convert a Word document into a pdf. So you need to:

  • Open the document you wish to convert.
  • Then click on “File” > “Save as…”.
    enregistrer sous

    save as

Clicking on “Save as” opens a small window where you can choose:

  • The name of the file.
le nom du fichier

le nom du fichier

  • L’emplacement où vous souhaitez le sauvegarder.

  • Le Format du fichier.
    format du fichier

    The name of the file.

    Once you have selected the format in which you wish to save your document, simply click on “Export”.



This way you can find your document in PDF format where you have decided to save it.

Other examples to convert to pdf

As explained above we can convert files of any format to pdf. Below we will look at some examples.

Powerpoint into pdf

The procedure is similar to that of Word. So from the file you can either “Save as”.

save as

Then choose the name, location, file format and save.



The other solution is to export it. We are finding this alternative more and more. Even in some software we have the option to export directly to pdf without going through “Save as…”.



So just give it a name, choose the location in the left-hand column, the file format and simply export it.

exporter en pdf

exporter en pdf

Excel into pdf

To save an Excel file as a pdf the procedure is exactly the same as with word. Just click on “Save as…”

Excel Enregister sous

Excel save as

So you will find exactly the same procedure as for Word or Powerpoint.

format du fichier

format of the file

Export as PDF

In many programs, such as Open Office Writer, you have the option to “export as pdf”.

Hence, you will know how to adapt to the software in order to either go through the “Save as…” or “Export” procedure or directly “Export to pdf”.


It is essential to know how to convert a document into a pdf. We hope we have been able to help you with this process and remain at your disposal for any further questions.

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