Since its launch in 2015, Google Photo has been one of Google’s most popular services. The service offered unlimited free storage of “high quality” photos.

As announced in November, the free service was coming to an end. From today, June 1st 2021, Google Photo will start charging you for any storage over 15GB.

Concretely what does this mean?

In short, no matter how good the photos or videos you upload to Google Photos are, they will be deducted from your Google One storage plan. If you go over 15GB, you’ll have to pay to continue uploading them.

Thus, photos and videos uploaded before today (1 June) will not count towards the 15GB limit, but only those uploaded afterwards. So you won’t suddenly find yourself having to pay for Google Photos. In addition, you will have time to decide whether or not you want to pay for Google One if you haven’t already done so.

Google Photos a fantastic service

However, if you use Google Photos a lot, it is definitely  worth paying to get at least some of the Google One storage. Google Photos is a fantastic service and it makes sense that it is not completely free.

In any case, many users may never need to pay, at least not in the near future.  It will take at least 3 years for most users to reach the limit, according to Google. Furthermore 15GB is three times more than the 5GB offered by  Apple’s iCloud.

Google Photos is linked to the Google One cloud storage ecosystem. This includes: Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos.

service google photos

Google One services

And what is the price?

In terms of price, Google One storage is about the same as the rest of the industry. For 100 GB of storage it costs CHF 2.00 / month. 1TB costs CHF 10.00 / month and 10TB CHF 100.00 / month, according to the Google pricing guide.


You have been warned that Goole Photos may start to cost you a bit more. But then again, it is okay to spend a little money if you use a service extensively. Especially since it is a great service and well worth the money.


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