In this video we will discover together how to copy and paste on your iPhone.

The manipulation is identical whether you are on your ipad, or iphone irrespective of the version.

To select the text you wish to copy, you need to:

For messages:

  1. Press in the message (SMS WhatsApp) that you wish to copy, until you hear/feel a small click. A sub-menu appears with the option to copy the text.

    sélectioner- copier

  2. Select the copy option.
  3. The text is saved in the clipboard of your device.
  4. Next you will need to paste this message wherever you wish: notes, whatsapp, messages, mails.
  5. Create a new message, select your recipients.
  6. In the message press in the dialog box unit. The option “Paste” appears. You need to tap and release.


  7. Press on the “Paste” option. Your copied text will appear.
  8. Just send the message.

To copy a text

If you wish to copy text, you will need to:

  1. Press until you hear/ feel a light click. You will see a cursor appear with handles which you can move. You can use these handles to select the text you wish to copy.
    copy text

    copy text

  2. Hence you can manipulate those handles along the text to select the desired content.
  3. As you lift your finger a sub-menu appears with the option to “copy, look up or share” the selected text.
    copy text

    copy text

  4. If you “Share” it you immediately have access to: AirDrop, messages, mail, whatsapp etc.


  5. Should you select whatsapp you will then need to select the recipient(s).
  6. If you “copy” the text then you simply need to open the communication application you wish to use and paste it in.
  7. For this you will have to repeat the maneuver described above.

We hope that from now on, you will master the “copy and paste” on your iPhone, iPad. .

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp, Email, via our instant support platform.

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