In this article with video, we discover the private browsing mode in Safari.

In private mode, Safari will not remember which pages you have browsed, nor your search history. In addition, Safari will not remember your login details. Private browsing allows you to browse anonymously.

How to activate private browsing?

When you navigate normally you will notice that the navigation buttons are in blue.

boutons de navigation

Navigation buttons

To switch to private mode, press the “tab” button.

bouton onglet

Tab button

Then, on “Private”.

Navigation privée


A white highlight will appear when you are in private mode.

Surlignage blanc

white highlight

When you open a new window (by tapping on the +),

Nouvelle fenêtre

New Window

you will see a message informing you about the operation of the private browsing mode.

navigation privée mac

Private browsing mode mac

You can now surf the web anonymously. This means that some sites will not be able to collect information about you.

Safari will not remember the pages you have viewed.

How to get out of private mode?

To return to normal navigation, simply tap the “tab” button again.

bouton onglet

“Tab” button

Tap on “Private”



Finally press “Done”.



You will notice that your navigation buttons have changed back to blue.

boutons de navigation en bleu

Navigation buttons in blue

So we discovered how to navigate in private mode. For more useful information, don’t hesitate to follow us and ask us any questions you may have.

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