In this video, we discover together how to copy and paste from the computer. We will see together how to copy a link or a text.

How to copy and paste an internet link

Copy the link

For the demonstration, we will open a web page in order to copy the link. We will show how to highlight the text with the mouse.

surligner le texte

highlight the text

To copy an internet link, you must first highlight it. To highlight it, simply left-click with your mouse and hold down while you select all the text you wish to keep.

Once the entire link (or text) is highlighted, right-click with the mouse and a menu will appear.

clic droit

right click

From this menu you will find the option to “copy”. Simply left click on this option.

clic copier


This way the highlighted content is saved in the clipboard. Therefore, we can paste this text wherever we want.

Paste the link

For the demonstration we have chosen Outlook. Therefore, in a new message, we can paste the previously saved text.

To do so, simply open a message, click its cursor in the body of the mail. By clicking on the right, we can choose to paste the content.



Il suffit de cliquer à gauche sur coller (paste en anglais).

Comment copier et coller un texte

Pour copier et coller un texte la procédure est similaire. Il suffit de sélectionner l’intégralité du texte que vous souhaitez copier.

Pour cela, avec sa souris, il faut cliquer à gauche et tout en maintenant la pression sélectionner l’intégralité du texte que vous souhaitez copier.

copier un texte

copy a text

Then you can carry out the same operations described above. The other alternative is to use the shortcuts.

Copy / Paste shortcuts

The CTRL + C is the equivalent of a right click + copy. It is simply a shortcut from the keyboard.

Ctrl C

Ctrl + C

Again the text is saved in the clipboard as previously explained. This way you can paste it where you want:

  • Email
  • Office
  • SMS / WhatsApp
  • etc.

So you open the programme where you want to paste the saved content. All you have to do is click on CTRL + V to paste the previously copied text.


The handling is simple and extremely useful. It doesn’t matter whether you use the right click and copy and paste or whether you use CTRL + C and CTRL + V in both cases you will have to highlight the text with the mouse.

We hope we have been able to help you in your online comfort. If you would like to learn how to copy and paste from your iPhone, iPad, click here.


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