Wondering how to reset a lost Facebook password? Declix explains the step by step simple procedure.

Generally speaking whether you are on Facebook, Gmail, or any other website, the procedures to retrieve a lost password is broadly similar.

When you have tried to enter your credentials and they are incorrect, you receive an error message.

Incorrect password

Incorrect password

1) Your Password is incorrect

You have the option of entering your password or clicking on a link for lost facebook passwords or login. This link is always found near the password.

reset password

reset password

2) Reset password

You have the option to reset the password. In principle this sends an e-mail to your mailbox with either a code or a link. In the case of Facebook it is a code.

send code to mail

send code to mail

3) Enter the code

You will need to insert the code received by e-mail on your facebook page then click on continue.

insert code

insert code

4) Choose a new password

Facebook asks you to choose a new password. As soon as this is filled in, it will become your new password.

new password

new password

Congratulations, you have been able to reset a lost password on Facebook. Do not forget to change it on all your other devices connected to the site or to the Facebook app.

Generally speaking it is important to be very careful with your passwords. It may be worth reading through this article to have the right reflex for the best online security.


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